Exhibition and Training Workshops

16th and 17th of May 2023

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The Grandstand - Newbury Racecourse

For 2023 we are excited to follow on from the success of the 2021 'virtual' event by hosting our first live event at Newbury for seven years.

We have invited, several guest speakers to speak about the following:-

  • Management of the risks that can be caused by EMI, plus Managing risks of EMC compliance (e.g. EMCD)
  • EMC of traction power converters, battery chargers (vehicles, grid storage, etc.), and WPT
  • Brexit
  • Simulation
  • EMI from a prime contractor’s point of view, e.g. for public utilities

You can read details of the full programme here

In addition, world renowned EMC expert, Keith Armstrong, of Cherry Clough Consultants will be providing 2 days’ worth of training workshops and accompanying notes on:

  • Designing Interconnections for EMC (cables and connectors
  • Suppressing Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
  • Suppressing surges/transients on AC or DC power, signals or data

Other associates of Cherry Clough will also be providing workshops on

  • EMC for the Manager
  • EMC design for Switched Mode Power Supply Techniques that will give you an EMC pass first time
  • How to calibrate and use a Network Analyser, including revealing the hidden characteristics of components
  • Accidental Antennas - the No. 1 Radiated noise source
  • Teaching EMC using an EMC demonstration unit
  • So you think you know how to design a good filter?
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The exhibition has been re-launched as EMC & Compliance International and returns to Newbury Racecourse in 2023 as an independent event and through our link with EMC Standards will have a more global promotion activity.

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